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Does your business searching for a supplier of high quality mechanical component or assembled parts?

From your solid model to metal in 10 Business Days, best of all no tooling required! Sino world industrial can deliver in just days either a 3D model of your part for quick design validation or cast your design in metal so you can quickly evaluate its fit, form, and function. Why limit yourself to the costly and often time consuming process of machining prototypes out of bar stock or fabricating prototypes as complex weldment. Choose from over 150 different non ferrous and ferrous alloys. Simplify your prototype process by using investment castings and sand costing and Permanent mold casting process  We also have the in-house ability to provide additional machining of prototypes if needed, delivering on-time, on-budget, and to-design metal prototype parts.

Sino world industrial was founded in 2002 China, a globally respected supplier of casting parts manufacturer and high precision machining parts and assembled instruments. With a steady OEM partnership, we provide high quality, accurate machining parts and assemblies  to World industries.

  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industry Field
  • Sensors
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Dental Implants
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Auto industry


Is your business searching for a high quality supplier



Alloys: Refer to the Alloys Poured section Weight – 2 lb. to 1200 lbs.


Alloys: Refer to the Alloys Poured section   Weight – A few ounces to more lbs  Tolerances as close as /- .01″

Die Casting   

Die Casting including Aluminum Die Casting, Zinc Die Casting, Magnesium die casting, Die Casting Tooling,Machines range from 450T – 1000T,We offer shotblasting,Vibratory Deburr, Ball Burnish,Sanding, dipping, Polishing, Anodizing and Chrome.Powder and Wet Paint. Full CNC machining abilities,We Design and build die cast tooling and plastic mold using the highest quality of steel to insure the high quality mold,like 1.2343,1.2344, 1.8407,SKD 61 etc. We do full 3D mold design for every die casting tooling & plastic molds. the software we use UG,Pro/e, CAD etc.


  • Foundry engineers can work with you to achieve improved casting quality at the lowest possible cost
  • Design engineers can develop cast alternatives to fabrications
  • Full utilization of modeling software to reduce lead times through electronic delivery of drawing files
  • Integrated simulation software to ensure appropriate engineering design of new patterns
  • Reduce pattern investment through the use of non metallic patterns


  • Two programmable gas furnaces
  • Normalize, Annealing and Tempering
  • Water and Oil Quench capabilities
  • Skilled staff to develop and provide standard as well as customer specified heat treating


  • Two calibrated Optical Emission Spectrometers for chemical analysis of metals
  • Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle inspection certified to ASNT
  • Modeling and Solidification Software to review potential rigging design problems and simulate alternatives
  • Brinnel and Rockwell hardness testing capabilities
  • On-site gas analysis of nitrogen and oxygen
  • Pneumatic valve body tester
  • Daily sand testing to ensure controlled molding conditions


Sino world has the know-how and experience to provide a turn-key product ready for assembly.  We have the ability to finish to tolerances as close as +/-.001”.We specialize in turning, drilling, tapping, and a variety of other machining capabilities to offer a complete product.



To make good quality products to meet our customers required we have a quality control procedures, our customer will be satisfied by doing those quality control systems.

Procedures as below.

  • Design For Manufacturability(DFM) report for part design & tool design
  • Tool drawing Design review before sending out to customer
  • Design validation and verification
  • Incoming inspection for all of row material
  • Checking electrodes before EDM
  • Full dimensions measurement report after T1