ASTM A890,ASTM A995 standard and Alloy

//ASTM A890,ASTM A995 standard and Alloy

ASTM A890,ASTM A995 standard and Alloy

ASTM A890,ASTM A995 standard and Alloy / Common Name,type

Alloy / Common Name                                          ASTM                                         Type

255SS, J93370, CD4MCu                                   A890 1A                                  25Cr-5Ni-Mo-Cu

J93372, CD4MCuN                                              A890 1B                                  25Cr-5Ni-Mo-Cu-N

J93373, CD3MCuN                                              A890 1C                                  25Cr-6Ni-Mo-Cu-N

J93345, CE8MN                                                    A890 2A                                 24Cr-10Ni-Mo-N

J93371, CD6MN                                                   A890 3A                                  25Cr-5Ni-Mo-N

2205SS, J92205, CD3MN                                  A890 4A                                    22Cr-5Ni-Mo-N

J93404, CE3MN                                                   A890 5A                                  25Cr-7Ni-Mo-N

J93380, CD3MWCuN                                          A890 6A                                   25Cr-7Ni-Mo-N

J93379                                                                   A890 7A                                 27Cr-7Ni-Mo-Cu-N



Alloy / Common Name                                         ASTM                                         Type

J93372, CD4MCuN                                               A995 1B                                 25Cr-5Ni-Mo-Cu-N

J93345, CE8MN                                                     A995 2A                                24Cr-10Ni-Mo-N

J93371, CD6MN                                                     A995 3A                                25Cr-5Ni-Mo-N

2205SS, J92205, CD3MN                                    A995 4A                                   22Cr-5Ni-Mo-N

J93404, CE3MN                                                     A995 5A                                 25Cr-7Ni-Mo-N

J93380, CD3MWCuN                                           A995 6A                                   25Cr-7Ni-Mo-N

J93379                                                                     A995 7A                               27Cr-7Ni-Mo-Cu-N

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