December 2017

ROV fishtail handle

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ROV Fish Tail handle is the preferred choice of handle for many operators and is ideally suited to intermeshing manipulator jaws for operations. This robust handle is manufactured from stainless steel and xylan coated orange to provide easy visual identification. All  ROV handles are load tested post manufacture and have a common mounting arrangement [...]

November 2017

What are your precision casting tolerances

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What are your precision casting tolerances? ±.005 per linear inch. Angular tolerance is ±1/2 degree. Typical finish is 120 RMS. Linear Tolerances The industry standard linear tolerances for any investment casting process are ±.005 per inch of length. In addition, this standard can be adjusted to meet your specific process capabilities. Milwaukee Precision is prepared [...]

How Does Investment Casting Work

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Developing investment castings involves creating an original wax model, coating the image with plaster and building of successive layers until a strong shell envelopes the model. After melting out the wax, molten gold or bronze will be poured into the mold, creating a perfect duplicate of the original wax pattern. Compared to machining apart, investment [...]

Industrial service with xylan and everlube or everslik coating

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Many kinds of colors Xylan coating serve offshore & marine industry Xylan® 1052 – Ideal for any mating surface that needs dry lubrication e.g. bearings, sealing rings and valve springs. With a continues operating temperature of -195°C to +260°C and a intermittent range of -195°C to +285°C. Whitfords 1052 is an Organic solvent based, high [...]

Casting or Forging Products Detailed Feature and service

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Detailed Feature: 1.Material: We can manufacture many kinds of raw material and adjust to customers' request carbon steel, alloy steel, hot resistant stainless steel, Ductile iron,Gray iron, duplex stainless steel 2.Technic :Investment casting, Lost wax casting,Precision casting,Lost foam casting, Water glass casting,Silica sol casting,Sand casting,quartz sand casting technics, Furan resin sand casting,phenolic resin sand casting [...]


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Grain Flow Comparison-FORGED BAR-MACHINED BAR-CAST BAR---It depend on products where will be used FORGED BAR A forged bar contains a directional alignment that is oriented in the direction to achieve maximum strength. This grain flow will yield ductility and resistance to impact and fatigue.   MACHINED BAR A machined bar contains a unidirectional grain flow [...]

Castings for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Sino World Industrial castings are used extensively in the production, pumping and transportation of both oil and natural gas.  Our reputation for producing durable products means that companies throughout all over the world are using our castings in their drive units and compressor components. Because we are committed to quality, we stress relieve our castings [...]

ASTM A890,ASTM A995 standard and Alloy

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ASTM A890,ASTM A995 standard and Alloy / Common Name,type Alloy / Common Name                                          ASTM                                         Type 255SS, J93370, CD4MCu                                   A890 1A                                  25Cr-5Ni-Mo-Cu J93372, CD4MCuN                                              A890 1B                                  25Cr-5Ni-Mo-Cu-N J93373, CD3MCuN                                              A890 1C                                  25Cr-6Ni-Mo-Cu-N J93345, CE8MN                                                    A890 2A                                 24Cr-10Ni-Mo-N J93371, CD6MN                                                   A890 3A                                  25Cr-5Ni-Mo-N 2205SS, J92205, CD3MN                                  A890 4A                                    22Cr-5Ni-Mo-N J93404, CE3MN                                                   A890 5A                                  25Cr-7Ni-Mo-N J93380, CD3MWCuN                                          A890 [...]

Industrial solutions

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From military to automotive, Precision Castings of Tennessee has produced millions of castings that have helps our customers reduce manufacturing costs, increase design flexibility, and minimize lead times.   Below is just a sampling of industries that rely on PCT for high quality engineering solutions, weight reduction opportunities, and highly repeatable manufacturing.   Military Investment [...]

May 2016

Engineering Solutions

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When you partner with Wisconsin Precision Casting, you choose a partner who can help:   Lower costs, improve quality, and increase your profit starting with the design phase of your parts Deliver expertise and years of investment casting experience to your prototype and production requirements Provide solutions that are cost effective, repeatable and sustainable Deliver [...]