Industrial solutions

//Industrial solutions

Industrial solutions

From military to automotive, Precision Castings of Tennessee has produced millions of castings that have helps our customers reduce manufacturing costs, increase design flexibility, and minimize lead times.


Below is just a sampling of industries that rely on PCT for high quality engineering solutions, weight reduction opportunities, and highly repeatable manufacturing.



Investment casting is the only way to economically manufacture highly complex, lightweight military metal parts.


Heavy Machinery

By eliminating weldments and mechanical fastening, Precision Castings of Tennessee can produce structurally-sound, heavy machinery components.



Investment casting offers the next generation of weight reduction, highly complex designs, and surface finishing for major automotive manufacturers worldwide.



Provides high quality precision castings that benefit the aerospace industry in cost savings, production speed, and durability of components.


Valve Castings

Precision Castings of Tennessee highly accurate, net-shape valve castings eliminate costly machining.


Food Processing

Efficient investment casting manufacturing techniques and waste reduction capabilities help offset the rising cost of stainless steel and aluminum.



Provides stainless steel marine hardware commonly used for recreational, governmental, and commercial marine activities.


Optical Instrumentation

An award-winning manufacturer of optical instrumentation components such as those found in interferometers, reflectometers, refractometers, and spectrometers.



Our investment castings are used in petrochemical applications around the world, including ethylene pyrolysis furnaces, direct reduction of iron (DRI), hydrogen plants, intercontinental & down hole drilling.


Mining and Industrial Metalworking

Our subsequent operation capabilities provide increased resistance to heat and corrosion required by the industrial metalworking industry.


Pulp and Paper

With 30 years experience in the pulp and paper industry, we know how to make your paper mill operate safer and more efficiently.


Ship Construction

Investment castings can be found across the seven seas in naval warships, cruise ships, yachts, nuclear ships, and hovercrafts.


Industrial Printing Equipment

We specialize in remanufacturing existing printer components to eliminate weldments and directional stresses that could lead to printer downtime.



We’ve developed numerous metal prosthetics, including hip joint replacements, femoral & tibial knee replacements, and canine implants.



Textile assemblies that previously required mechanical fasteners can be cast into stronger, lighter investment castings.

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