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Project Description

Production Name die casting parts
Mold Processing Discussing with customer–Mold Design-Choose Material–Rough CNC–Heat Treatment–Precise CNC (Include EDM; Grinding; Mirror work)
Die Casting Part Process Zinc material Ingot–Oven Melting–Injection–Cooling–Formed–Bare part inspection
Die Casting Bare Part Trimming–Punching–Sand blast– QC Inspection
Die Casting Bare Part Second Processing Drill hole–Tapping–QC Inspection
Surface Treatment Bare parts inspection—Hook hanging–Cold rinsing–Ultrasonic cleaning washing–Primary copper plating–Washing–Secondary copper plating–Nickel plating—Color finishing( Black nickel)/ Tin plating; Chrome plating; White Bronze plating. Depend on customrer request.
Dimension/Tolerance Crital tolerance in +/-0.02mm
Zinc Die Casting Machine Hot chamber zinc die casting machine 50T-100T

D ie Casting accessories

Die Casting accessories for a Wide Variety of Industries

We can perform high-pressure die casting for companies in a wide range of industrial applications including: Medical: Our die casting company can perform high-quality die casting for medical device customers. such as surgical instruments, hospital equipment, hospital bed gearboxes and peristaltic pump.Recreational Vehicles,Traffic lights:  PED boxes and aluminum light enclosures.Outdoor lighting: You can count on us for expert aluminum die cast services for the manufacturing of outdoor lighting products including walk light housings, bullet light fixtures, coach lights and wall sconce fixtures. Our capabilities also include LED and high efficiency outdoor lighting.Firearms: die casting trigger guards, and other shotgun and rifle parts.Industrial equipment:  such as compressor and piston connecting rods, porter cable pump housings, wall mount bearing housings, industrial pumps, air compressors and many others. Regardless of the product, our die castings will offer enhanced strength and performance at an extremely low unit cost.Telecommunications:  such as electrical housings, connecting front face plates, waveguides, antenna mounts and RF filters.

Tolerance 91%
Prototype 100%
Ensurance 98%

Casting Metal

Aluminum Alloy ADC 12, A380, and Zinc #3 are three popular materials for casting. Furthermore, we can cast parts in Zinc #5, A360, ADC10, as well as other metals. You can choose the metal’s properties that will best suit your product’s needs.