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Project Description

Main Material aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cold rolled steel, titantium, Delrin, nylon and PTFE, etc
Main Equipment Mazak,Fanuc,Brother, TSUGAMI, Citizen, DOOSAN, Takisawa etc 40 sets CNC Lathe and CNC Centers
Main Process CNC turning, CNC milling, complex CNC turning & milling, 5-Axis machining and other processing technologies
Main Industry Robotics, Prototype, Medical device, fluid control, Auto motion products, Electronics Industry
The best tolerance 0.003mm
Largest diameter turning Φ260mm
Largest size milling 500*500*800mm
Test Equipment CMM, Microscrope, Concentricity tester, Diatest 2-points measurement, Projector, etc

M illing machinery casting

The casting process involves the melting of the metal and its introduction into the shell cavity. The melting is much more involved than just making a lump of metal liquid. Proper chemistry must be maintained if the ending cast part is to have the physical and mechanical properties that are desired. Almost all commercially cast metals are relatively complex alloys. Absorption of atmospheric gases, reaction of the alloying elements with the atmosphere and each other, the ceramic furnace lining and the ceramic shell must be taken into consideration. Process variables include metal superheat temperatures, pour temperature, shell temperature when poured, pouring rate, support of shells during pouring, cooling of the poured shell, etc.

Tolerance 91%
Prototype 100%
Ensurance 98%

No other process offers you more than the investment casting process.

  • Simple, low cost, quick turnaround solutions for your prototype investment casting requirements.
  • Greater design freedom.
  • Over 150 ferrous and nonferrous alloys to choose from.
  • Parts in days not weeks,Precision Machining
  • In-House Spectrography,Flexible Production
  • Superior Finish,On-site Engineering